1,500 Gallon Room Divider Aquarium

Room divider aquarium with stainless steel fountain.

Backside of 1,500 Gallon Room Divider Aquarium

Custom 3D coral fixture and cabinetry for backside of room divider aquarium.

300 Gallon and 180 Gallon Custom Cabinetry Aquariums

Custom design cabinetry to hold three aquariums, 300 gallon salt water fish, 180 gallon reef and 30 gallon octopus tank.

550 Gallon Office Lobby Aquarium

This beautiful 550 gallon in wall aquarium is on display in the main lobby of an office building.

160 Gallon Room Divider Aquarium in Chicago

This 160 gallon salt water in wall aquarium separates the office and the lobby.

140 Gallon Custom Cabinetry and 360 Degree Viewable

A beautiful 360 degree viewable aquarium is built into custom cabinetry in the kitchen of this lovely home.

220 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

This is a “picture frame” style aquarium installation, viewable from one side.

300 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

In wall, room divider aquarium, separates dinning rooms in restaurant this wonderful restaurant.

400 Gallon Saltwater In Wall Aquarium

This lovely residence in Barrington, Il features and in wall hallway aquarium.

1,200 Gallon Shark and Stiny Ray Aquarium

This 1,200 gallon saltwater room divider aquarium is home to a shark and a sting ray.

150 Gallon Chicago Office Divider

This fun 150 gallon saltwater aquarium divides the office from the kitchenette at this Chicago loop office.

300 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

This 300 gallon aquarium is seamlessly designed to flow within the kitchen of this lovely residence.

Blue Planet Aquarium was born out of one unique belief: that aquariums are beautiful and interesting enough to be more than highlights, and deserve to become integral parts of the places they occupy. Our custom aquariums will completely change your interior space, bringing a sharp, modern look while also incorporating the ever-changing, unique sight of nature brought indoors.

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Since 1999, we have designed countless aquarium solutions for corporate as well as residential clients, and are second to none in the execution of our unique designs. This is why our employees have had the opportunity to work on large projects for clients like Rainforest Cafe, The University of Chicago and its hospitals, Chicago Public Schools, and Illinois Veterans Hospitals.

Blue Planet Aquarium is also an industry leader in aquarium maintenance service. We carry a full line of salt and freshwater aquarium supplies, with weekly shipments of salt and freshwater fish, marine corals, and invertebrates from around the world. Our 5 service crews cover the entire Chicagoland area, Wisconsin and Indiana prepared for all custom salt water aquariums and fresh water aquariums. We also offer 24 Hour emergency service to our clients.

Let Blue Planet Aquarium transform your interior space with the aquarium of your dreams.

I use blue planet for my tank and they found out I just bought a new truck today so they asked me to put in a good word. They are very professional and have taken care of my tank for a few years.
Custom Cabinetry and Aquarium