There’s no two ways about it, keeping an aquarium takes some basic work: feeding the fish, making sure that all the aquarium equipment (filter, pump, lights) are working properly, and cleaning the tank every once in a while. But over the past few years, new technologies have been coming out that promise to make it easier than ever to automate these tasks.

A new range of apps are being developed to allow aquarium enthusiasts to monitor every aspect of their aquarium, from water temperature, to pH, to water salinity. They work by having a monitoring module submerged in the tank, which, by being connected to the Internet, can collect and transmit that information to your phone, tablet, or computer.

We think it’s only a matter of time before these apps go even further and become integrated with a variety of other aquarium equipment. Automatic feeders already exist, they’ve just never been connected to the Internet. Same with aquarium filters and lights—there’s no reason for them to not eventually be connected to the central system “control system”.

From there on, the possibilities are limitless. From feeding your fish from across the country, to turning on your aquarium lights as you walk through the door—it’s certainly an exciting time to be an aquarium owner.

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