You hope it never happens to you, and chances are, it probably won’t. However, these three signs may indicate your tank has a serious problem.

Fish Behavior

Are your fish acting weird? Most of the time changes in behavior can be corrected with minor adjustments to the tank. If your fish are experiencing rapid breathing, color loss, unusual growth or irregular movements, you could have an emergency on your hands. Also watch for loss of appetite and more than one fish perishing at the same time, which is not a good sign.

Water Changes

Changes in your water can also indicate you may have an emergency on your hands. If plants are dying or failing to thrive, they are not getting what they need from the water environment. The same applies to poor growth of corals. Cloudy water is often an indicator the tank needs cleaning. However, it could also signify an unbalanced chemical solution that needs remedied immediately. Additional warning signs include increased algae growth and strong smelling water.

Power Outage or Leak

If you lose power or notice water around your tank, these are obvious signs you’re having an aquarium emergency. A little doomsday prep will help with these scenarios, such as having appropriate backup water on hand as well as a backup pump. If you’re not prepared with backup power to oxygenate the tank or silicone glue or Teflon tape to patch a leak, you may need outside emergency help.

Blue Planet offers 24/7 emergency services to the Chicagoland area to fix any of the situations listed above. If you find yourself in an aquarium emergency, contact us at our emergency number (773)774-3474 for help.

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