One of our favorite things to do is incorporate a new build location around Feng Shui elements in an aquarium. Whether it’s in a newly designed custom and natural office element like the one we did with the Grand Cheese Company or the center-of-attention aquarium in Wildwood Public School, we take into account the placement of the aquarium with the overall room design.

What if you want an aquarium in an existing space, and can’t exactly build around it? This is where revisiting a bit of the Feng Shui aspect comes into place.

Placed in the right areas, an aquarium can block negative energy. For example, placing an aquarium under an exposed ceiling beam can relieve the mental pressure the beam may cause. Sharp and pointed corners outside pointing towards the house can also cause negative energy. An aquarium can block these negative energies. Not to mention, it gives the occupants something nicer to look at.

What goes into your aquarium also helps with the overall Feng Shui. Think: aesthetics in beautiful plants and stones, as well as pretty fish. Consider enhancing wealth with a water dragon in your aquarium. Keep your fish in multiples of nine, and ensure they are compatible fish types. Make sure your aquarium is well maintained, bright, clean and clear to attract the vibrant financial energy. Additionally, make sure your aquarium isn’t too small or too big for the space.  

Thinking about these elements, and perhaps doing some furniture rearranging, can create a space that is harmonious with Feng Shui.

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