The general consensus with aquariums has typically been that bigger is always better. When you’re recreating a miniature ocean in your home or office, you may want it to be as big as the real thing. However, when it comes to aquariums, bigger doesn’t automatically mean better. Here’s how to decide what size aquarium is right for you and when big is big enough.


If you have a location in mind, that may help determine your size. You want to ensure that there’s adequate space around your aquarium. One reason for this is to ensure there’s enough of a pathway for foot traffic. You also need sufficient space for proper ventilation. Finally, ensure you have enough space to provide access for general upkeep and maintenance on your aquarium. In all three cases, going too big with the aquarium may not leave sufficient space around it.

The planned location for your aquarium will also determine what sort of base you’ll need to hold your aquarium. Ensure that the flooring or in-wall structure is built to withstand the size you desire. The planned dimensions of the tank allow you to easily determine the maximum weight requirements. Visit this page for an easy formula for determining the weight of an aquarium based on its dimensions.


While you may think a bigger aquarium is always better, depending on what creatures you wish to have, a bigger space might make them feel as if they are lost in the aquarium. Think about what types of fish or other underwater inhabitants you want, then consider how many of them you plan to have. Then, calculate how much space they need.

If your list of ideal inhabitants includes fish that are potentially incompatible, you may consider two smaller tanks over one large, which can often create the same effect with less hassle.

For your next aquarium design, contact Blue Planet Aquarium for a consultation. We’ll be able to review your space and your desired species to determine the best size for your office, workplace, or home.

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