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We understand.

You have the concept that you would like an aquarium, but how in the world do you get started? You haven’t had a fish tank since you were a kid and you know the custom set-up you want is more than what the local pet shop can do for you.

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That’s where the eye of a trained professional from Blue Planet Aquarium Services comes in. We will come to your home or office and talk with you about the best location, shape, and size to get you the ultimate aquarium for any given setting. We offer nearly unlimited options, including custom cabinetry, glass or acrylic aquariums, lighting, filtration systems, and every other variable you never thought to ask for.

We can discuss and help you determine if a freshwater, saltwater or saltwater reef aquarium is best for you. We can also help determine a budget for the custom set-up and give you an estimate of the ongoing maintenance required.

Chicago. Milwaukee. Indianapolis. Throughout the midwest and across the country, Blue Planet is here to help with your custom aquarium design and installation needs. Or, if you are an architect, designer or builder whose client is asking for an aquarium and you don’t know where to begin, we can help!

We’ve worked with hundreds of satisfied clients, such as:

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Architects and Designers:


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