If you hear the term Shark Tank and don’t think of the popular TV show, then this article is for you. If you desire a shark tank in your home, there are a few things to consider before moving forward.

First, consider your expectations. If you’re envisioning lurking and menacing-looking sharks, you are out of luck. Due to environmental restrictions in the U.S., sharks available for purchase through the aquarium industry are known as “sleeping” sharks. These sharks spend most of their time on the ocean floor, or in your home, the aquarium floor. They will not be the constantly swimming sharks you may see in the Wild Reef at Shedd Aquarium. These bottom dwelling sharks are species typically found in coral or rocky reefs.

Secondly, if you are seriously considering a shark tank, you’ll need to consider size. Even sleeping sharks will grow to four feet or more in size. This means your aquarium needs to have room for them to move along the floor freely. We would recommend a 50 gallon tank or larger, just to start. Because the sharks are characteristically bottom swimmers, greater length and width are better than height.

Finally, consider what species of sleeping sharks you want. Epaulette, wobblgongs, and catsharks are often found in home aquariums. Be careful, however, this doesn’t mean go out and buy one of each. Sharks are sharks after all and can be aggressive towards each other and other fish you may want to introduce. Do your research before purchasing any of the sharks mentioned.

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